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Advanced Clinical Training & Education
in Autologous Biologic Therapies

Making a difference in how we care for our patients


Gulf Coast Biologics is now at the forefront of advanced science and clinical development in autologous biologic therapies and training. Our focus is to provide training programs, for medical professionals, that contains the evidence based clinical knowledge needed to safely and effectively treat patients with autologous biologic therapies. 


Dr. Peter Everts, PhD

Program Director


The core faculty, led by Dr. Peter Evert, PhD, consist of published, peer reviewed, renowned or experienced thought leaders, all of which are qualified and credentialed in their field of expertise. Gulf Coast Biologics provide Gulf Coast Training Conferences, and Gulf Coast Training Courses.




Conferences & Courses

Complete Training Package


Gulf Coast Biologics provide training conferences, and personalized training Courses. The conferences offer an overview of specific clinical applications and treatment modalities. They contain didactic and hands on training opportunities and last for two days. The personalized courses are more focused on therapies and clinical hands on training. They last for one day and can be tailored according to the need of the medical practitioner.




Contemporary Venues

Dynamic Learning Experience


Both the conference and training course venues are in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. In collaboration with Gardner Orthopedics, qualified attendees will have access to a state-of-the-art medical facility where they will get hands on patient or cadaveric experience along with advanced training on guidance equipment and biologics preparation techniques and analyses.