Regenerative Medicine Training Conference
May 18-19, 2018
Sanibel Harbour Mariott Resort & Spa
Fort Myers, Florida

Regenerative Medicine Adding Power to Podiatry

Regenerative medicine can be defined as the branch of medicine focused on the use of autologous biologics to promote the restoration of defective tissue with new healthy tissue. There are many aspects to this area, all of which will include the autologous use of a platelet-rich plasma, a bone marrow stem cell or an adipose stem cell biologic.   


Autologous Biologics in the Armamentarium of Podiatric Medicine

A large percentage of the foot and ankle problems are repetitive strain injuries, developing from acute to chronic injuries. This excessive and repetitive strain often leads to inflammation of tendon, ligaments, and fascia. Conventional therapies consist of long-term steroidal, and/or non-steroidal injections/medications, and in some cases ultimately a surgical intervention.  Chronic (diabetic) wound care patients are often treated with a magnitude of primary and secondary dressings, not often leading to full wound epithelialization. In severe cases and unsuccessful treatments, amputation is the mandatory. 





The Podiatry Conference

During this conference, a renowned faculty will introduce new and innovative autologous biologic treatment options for a variety of podiatric indications, ranging from tendinopathies, degenerative-osteo arthritis, ligament/tendon tears, chronic wounds to critical limb ischemia. The data presented are based on the experiences from the individual lecturers.  The peer-reviewed literature also indicates safe, feasible. And effective use of autologous biologics like PRP and mesenchymal/stem cell use in the above-mentioned indications.

The Mission

To educate physicians and other medical professionals and provide hands-on training workshops, where we introduce and identify the potential of autologous biologics in podiatric medicine. To provide a unique experience in preparation and application techniques, and convey how patients can benefit from the dynamic power of these biologics.


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