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EmCyte Corporation® is the world leader in autologous cellular biologics, with products that meet the highest achievable performance standard in cellular concentration potency and yield. With over 19 years of experience, EmCyte has stayed committed to innovation that truly makes a clinical difference. We have worked to stay on the cutting edge of clinical excellence, making the PurePRP®, PureBMC® and Progenikine® Concentrating Systems the most advanced biologic concentrating systems available.




Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas’s ultrasound business provides the accessibility and clinical confidence you need to make informed decisions at the point-of-care. Our ultrasound imaging solutions build economic value with a low total cost of ownership, improved workflow and reimbursable procedures. Enhance patient satisfaction with immediacy of information and reduced patient wait times with Konica Minolta’s handheld and portable ultrasound.


Konica Minolta Healthcare reinforces your initiative toward better outcomes, improved efficiencies and patient satisfaction with our innovative systems for MSK ultrasound. The superior image quality of the SONIMAGE® HS1 Compact Ultrasound System supports increased diagnostic confidence earlier in the care path. The simply intuitive J5 Ultrasound System provides touchscreen navigation to support needle placement and rapid and confident diagnosis at the point-of-care. Take a deeper dive into specific procedures, with webinars and procedural videos offered through Konica Minolta University at km-university.com. In addition to videos and webinars, the Konica Minolta University site houses a variety of ultrasound resources, including clinical images and white papers, that will be useful in your practice. The link to register for the procedural videos is:

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BSR provides custom contract research and laboratory services for product development and clinical trials support to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. Our staff scientists and consultants are experts in Bioassay development and validation. We are uniquely qualified to provide scientific services in immunology and inflammation studies and assay development for product testing, preclinical through manufacturing in a cGMP quality controlled environment.